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Helios Sign-up Calendar

Sign-up policy: limited to 2 sessions, 12 hrs. total
Exceptions: No-show time available after 15 min, open slots available 24 hrs in advance
Notify of cancellations at least 1 hour before the reservation and remove the reservation from the calendar. Late cancellation and no shows may be subject to penalty fees.
Training: please refer to the training info page for details.




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  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
 Week 28 29 30 31 1 2 3
8:00a University holiday through January 4
3:00p HR

  11:00a Joonsuk (11-3p)
 Week 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

8:00a FEI/ image drift
2:00p xuebai
7:00a Helios alignments
5:00p okabe 5pm-11pm
8:00a dieter 800 to 1000
10:00a Archana (10-12)
12:00p Joonsuk (12-6p)
9:00a Juliet Consult
11:00a Ann/Jung Ho
9:30a Juliet (consult)
2:00p Joonsuk (2-6p)
11:00a Majid
 Week 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

7:00a Helios alignments
12:00p Emanuele
2:30p Xuebai(2:30-4:30)
4:30p Jiaming
7:00p HR(7-11)
9:00a Justin (9am-12:30pm)
12:30p Emanuele
2:00p Joanie (2-6pm)
6:00p Justin (6-7pm)
7:00p HR
10:00p until Jan 14, 1:00a brian (10pm - 1am)
10:00p until Jan 14, 1:00a brian (10pm - 1am)
9:00a Jiaming
1:00p Emanuele
2:30p Francesca (2.30-7pm)
7:00p HR
8:00a Amr (8 - 10)
10:00a Joanie (10-4pm)
4:00p Ji
9:00a HR
7:00p Andrew (7-11pm)
 Week 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
3:00p Amr (3 - 9)

8:00a University holiday
7:00a Helios alignments
1:30p training w/ juliet, Peter
3:30p Emanuele
7:00a Facilities N2 meter
10:00a Jiaming
6:00p Emanuele
9:00a Justin (9am-1pm)
1:00p Jiaming
5:00p Matt Angle
8:00a Justin (8-9:30am)
9:30a Archana 930-1130
11:30a Irene
2:00p Francesca (2-6 pm)
 Week 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
3:00p Amr (3 - 9)

7:00a Helios alignments
4:00p Justin (4-6pm)
7:00a Amr (7 - 12:00)
12:00p irene
4:30p until Jan 28, 7:00a Amr (6 - 7)
4:30p until Jan 28, 7:00a Amr (6 - 7)
9:00a Justin (9am-1pm)
1:00p Ken (New User) - 1pm~3pm
3:00p Joanie (3-9pm)
10:00a matt angle 10am-1pm
1:00p Ken (new user) 1~3pm
3:00p HR
8:45a Juliet
9:30a training w/ rich/hideo
12:00p Jiaming
10:00a Joanie (10-4pm)
6:00p HR

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