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SEM Sign-up Calendar
Note: You will now have to log in to the calendar to sign up. See the training info page for details.

Sign-up policy: No more than 14-days in advance for regular sign-ups.
Notify of cancellations at least 1 hour before the reservation and remove the reservation from the calendar. 15 min after the stated reservation time is an automatic no-show. Late cancellations and no-shows may be subject to a penalty fee.
Training: New slots are posted Monday mornings (holidays excepted); please enter all trainees' emails in the contact info. Please refer to the training info page for protocol. Improper sign-ups may be removed.




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 Sun 19    Yuhong Cao Aryan / HyeRyoung (EDS)   Po-Chun  
 Mon 20  ColinLi training w/ paul/ charles (final)   Hideo Po-Chun Eric training w/ bob/Hee Soo/Andrew Lee Wei Zhang Po-Chun Liming
 Tue 21  Yuran Bowring Hideo Michael asald (beginner) training w/ rich/Hee Soo/Andrew Gunilla Jacobson Kai Hongbin Eric
 Wed 22  ckshang training w/ paul / annelie (final)   Ruby Lai asald (beginner) training w/ bob/Hee Soo (final) Sanghee Hongbin Ki Wook Xiaofei Haotian DC
 Thu 23  ColinLi ColinLi training w/ rich/Shougo(final)   Michael Sunghoon training w/ rich/Andrew (final) Scott Kravitz Jie Haotian Wei Zhang Yongming
 Fri 24    Soojin yiyang training w/ rich/ shougo (final) asald (beginner) chzhang Hongbin Jie Sun  
 Sat 25    DC Seung  

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